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Colourful is an alternative form of colorful. As adjectives the difference between colourful and colorful is that colourful is while colorful is possessing]] prominent and varied [ [colour|colors. Other Comparisons: What's the difference Colorful (adjective) Possessing colors. Colorful (adjective) Interesting, multifaceted, energetic, distinctive. Colorful (adjective) Profane, obscene, offensive (usually in the phrase colourful language)

colorful definition: 1. US spelling of colourful 2. having bright colors or a lot of different colors : 3. interesting. Learn more Colourful (adjective) having much or varied colour; bright. a colourful array of fruit. Colourful (adjective) full of interest; lively and exciting. a colourful account. a controversial and colourful character. Colourful (adjective) involving variously disreputable activities colorful (US), colourful (UK) adj. adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, a tall girl, an interesting book, a big house. (brightly-hued) colorito, vivace agg. aggettivo: Descrive o specifica un sostantivo: Una persona fidata - Con un cacciavite piccolo - Questioni controverse

colourful definition: 1. having bright colours or a lot of different colours: 2. interesting and exciting: 3. UK. Learn more Color is the preferred spelling in American English, and colour is preferred in all other main varieties of English. The distinction extends to all derivatives of the word. Colored, coloring, colorer, colorful, and discolor are the U.S. spellings, and coloured, colouring, colourer, colourful, and discolour are preferred outside the U.S Let's see. When choosing between color and colour, keep in mind that both spellings are correct. The shorter one, color, is the preferred spelling in the United States. The rest of the English-speaking world uses the longer form, colour

As adjectives the difference between colorful and colored is that colorful is possessing]] prominent and varied [ [colour|colors while colored is having a particular or kind of color. As a noun colored is (demeaning or potentially offensive) a colored person Established in 1995, Colorful is a brand with 20+ year history. Colorful business range covers DIY product lines, including graphics card, motherboard, RAM, SSD, all-in-one PC, server, etc. It is a comprehensive company that holds the largest share in the Chinese graphics card market, integrating independent development, production, and sales

col·or·ful. (kŭl′ər-fəl) adj. 1. Full of color; abounding in colors: colorful leaves in the fall. 2. Characterized by rich variety; vividly distinctive: colorful language colorful. colorless, colourless - lacking in variety and interest; a colorless and unimaginative person; a colorless description of the parade. 2. colourful - having striking color; colorful autumn leaves. colorful. chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue

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The right answer is that it´s spelled colorful, not colorfull adj. having many colors or a great deal of color: colorful fabrics. having lively, striking, or spirited parts: a colorful narrative. col•or•ful•ly, adv. col•or•ful•ness, n. [ uncountable] WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2020. col•or•ful (kul′ ər fəl), USA pronunciation Colorful refers to the quality of possessing prominent and varied colors.. Colorful or Colourful may also refer to: . Colorful, a 1998-2000 manga by Torajirō Kishi and an adapted 1999 anime series; Colourful, a 2006 Malayalam film; Colorful, a 2010 Japanese animated film by Keiichi Hara Colorful (9nine song), 2013 Colorful (ClariS song), 2013.

COLOURFUL: traduzioni in italiano, sinonimi e contrari e definizioni in inglese. Da Dicios.com, il miglior dizionario online inglese → italiano gratuito Colorful definition is - having striking colors. How to use colorful in a sentence colourful: 1 adj having striking color Synonyms: colorful chromatic being or having or characterized by hue ablaze resembling flame in brilliance or color bright , brilliant , vivid having striking color changeable , chatoyant , iridescent , shot varying in color when seen in different lights or from different angles deep , rich strong;.

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English colourful col‧our‧ful British English, colorful American English / ˈkʌləf ə l $ -lər-/ adjective 1 COLOUR/COLOR having bright colours or a lot of different colours a colourful display of flowers colorful costumes see thesaurus at colour 2 INTERESTING interesting, exciting, and full of. colourful Photos. colorful nature background beautiful trees fall color road flowers autumn summer leaves blossom abstract flora HD wallpaper outdoors art close-up smoke flower colour hd wallpapers landscape colorful background galaxy wallpaper blur 4k wallpaper garden hd background Public Domain Pictures. Collection 85 Photos. Pink . Anjana C. Definition of colorful written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels

The company that for Fashion, Beauty, Innovation, Optimism and above all for Women Empowerment. To achieve this Vision Make Life Colourful provide a powerful platform to produce creative professionals in the field of Direct Selling Industry to Make Life Colorful of Millions of People in India My Colorful Past specializes in the process of image and video restoration and colorization. We breathe life into your old photos and transform the distant, color-free faces of the past into real, relatable people Colorful definition, abounding in color: In their tartans, the Scots guard made a colorful array. See more

Collegamenti esterni. JA) Sito ufficiale, su colorful-movie.jp. URL consultato il 25 agosto 2013 (archiviato dall'url originale il 25 agosto 2013).; Sito ufficiale, su colorful-movie.jp. (EN) Colorful, su Anime News Network.(EN) Colorful, su Internet Movie Database, IMDb.com.(EN) Colorful, su AllMovie, All Media Network.(EN) Colorful, su Rotten Tomatoes, Flixster Inc Dreams are always in greyscale.. Due the variety, vastness and expanse of the emotions involved in the dreams, they are said to be colorful.., but in reality, all dreams are in greyscale.. You can recheck by this experiment.. Take a red rose.. Ju..

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  1. Traduzioni in contesto per colorful in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: Their design was playful and colorful
  2. Another word for colorful. Find more ways to say colorful, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus
  3. Colourful vs. Colorful - What's the difference? Ask ..
  4. COLORFUL meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionar
  5. Colourfull vs. Colourful - What's the difference? Ask ..
  6. colorful - Dizionario inglese-italiano WordReferenc
  7. COLOURFUL meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionar

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